“The rate of return for investments in quality early childhood development for disadvantaged children is 7-10% per annum through better outcomes in education, health, sociability, economic productivity and reduced crime. There’s a growing recognition of the value of investing in quality early childhood programs. It’s time to act on the evidence. The sooner we do, the more likely we will be to put our country on the road to greater prosperity that is shared by all.”

James J. Heckman, Professor of Economics
University of Chicago

Inclusion Support Services works with early care providers such as childcare centers and family child care homes to ensure that children with special needs have a successful early care and education experience. Our services provide training, technical assistance, and coaching to community childcare providers to ensure that children with special needs maintain an inclusive childcare placement. ECC’s Inclusion Support Services is funded by the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County and The Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County. Developed in 1992, this program also hosts a resource and assistance Warm Line for childcare providers and families who have young children with special needs.

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