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“A person's a person, no matter how small.”

– Dr. Seuss

Infant Mental Health refers to how a child grows socially and emotionally through the first 3 years of life in the context of nurturing and supportive caregiver relationships.  The overall focus of ECCs involvement in Infant Mental Health is to develop and support a comprehensive System of Care for young children and their families.  Our core components include: (1) Ensuring early identification of potential social-emotional challenges; (2) Creating supportive environments for children and families; (3) Supporting and sustaining professional capacity grounded in infant mental health competencies and practice; and (4) Promoting public awareness of the importance of healthy social and emotional development.

The ECC is proud to employ multiple staff who have earned Infant Mental Health Endorsement through the Florida Association for Infant Mental Health (FAIMH).  We are engaged with and support our local Infant Mental Health Chapter as well as local opportunities for other community professionals to earn Infant Mental Health Endorsement.

For more information: ECC IMH Contact